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a mind @omax

it’s just a fantasy, it’s just a dream.
all I want is to be seen.
I have thoughts, I have ideas. I Like learning, I like philosophical thinking.
but I have no one to share thoughts with.
I am beyond that.
there’s none, all are gone.
the wrecked world only fragments left to be deserted.
can this banishment end?
people couldn’t handle days of this quarantined incarceration.
but that is all I have ever known and lived.
where’s my other part, huh?
it’s not just about attachment or emotions.
it’s about thoughts and ideas to be seen.
talents and innovations to be shared.
with a similar mind.
someone who thinks. where are you? I am kinda desperate here.
what’s the point of knowledge that would never be discovered.
what’s the value of a jewel, that would never be seen.
a mind just lost in vacuum, what’s the point, what’s the motivation??

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