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Sayali @sayaliii3

It’s just a day . I’m not talking with my bf . Because we have mutually decided to take break . But I’m missing him Soo much . I want to talk to him . But i can’t because I want to give him his space so that he can heal . And also forgive me for my mistake .
I also want him to miss me in my absence .
I want to let him know the importance of togetherness . But the day feels like months and months like year . But I’ve to stay strong and wait . So that things go well and flow .

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suraj kumar @008sr

It’ll be fine!! You too take break and live your space!!! Life is so precious! Start loving yourself and be happy! Its ok you miss him , you love him so much!! But don’t break yourself just because he doesn’t!!
Stay happy my friend!! Stay strong!! 👍

Sayali @sayaliii3

Thankyou Soo much


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