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It’s hard when u don’t know whether to trust someone or not…

It’s hard when u can’t decide whether keep trying or move on…

U should stay cause love or should move on cause he doesn’t ??

It’s hard to understand when a person gave you only hurt,pain,worst traumas,mental issues and anxiety, disrespect and you still love him without any conditions…ur heart want him only over and over again

Is it normal??

Nd when u love so much to him nd he is also ready to get married bt still u confused because u really love him bt deep down u surely know he doesn’t…nd why he is ready to get marry???
So u have fear that what if he repeats the mistakes from past ???

2 replies

List down the things about the relationship which you can’t compramise on and check whether he is fitting in your list or not. Just be honest with yourself with that and then you can decide and also maybe you can share it him and he will also understand where he has to work upon to grow in this relationship of your


It usually happens we love wrong person deep down we know he/she will not love the way we do it’s human tendency

But listen to your heart it’s hard I know to accept the truth letting go but you should be able to accept that you deserve to be happy at the end


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