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It’s hard…life seems really hard for me and I’m well aware of the fact that people have gone through more hard and rough times than me and have got themselves back together and kinda like picked themselves up and became successful…but no matter how hard I’m trying I’m just not able to reach out…I try to wake up early but I fail…I try to make a to do list and I fail… it’s like a deadly nightmare…
I have too many backlogs from my class and my school just gave us tones of work… it’s like they expect us to be robots…like they told us to complete our Notebooks,Do some sort of project, gave us Holidays HW and top of it complete all the Practical Notebooks…
And here I am…I have too many Backlogs from my class and it’s sooo exhausting that I don’t wish to sit and attend the class at all…and so I have too many Backlogs…also I have been performing badly in my tests…all this Sh#t is just making my life a hell…and I’ve been losing sleep…I lost all my appetite…I just feel that I’m mentally and physically exhausted…my bad mental health status have actually made me sick for a few weeks …and believe it or not I was an A grade student last year…I scored 94.8% in my 10th boards and this makes it the worst…
This year I decided to give myself a little time so that I just don’t immerse myself completely into studies because for the past few years l never went anywhere and just kept on studying even on holidays…but I am just very unlucky…I decided to visit some place far after 10th but the pandemic hit…and I just feel like I actually wasted every moment that I had…
So like I decided to do some self care but in the end I just cannot…I feel useless and the worst…maybe I should’ve just been the way I was so that I wouldn’t have had so many Backlogs…now I don’t even know what I’m writing…this year was really difficult and i just feel like the next year would be more difficult…
Ik you wouldn’t read this much but I appreciate you came this far… thank you…

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Ayna Syed @ayna

Hey…it’s okay, you’ll get through it…
Iknw it’s hard it’s was same with me sometime back but after sometime everything will be back to normal…


Dear Anonymous,

I know you going through hard time.
Firstly pls do breathing activity before reading thrice. Inhale deeply and exhale slowly.

Now I would like to tell you that your biggest achievement in 2020 is that you survived and you reached here.Rest everything or bonus or just nothing.So give a pat on your back and hold on. I want you to know that you are just amazing , you managed 2020.

Now its good that you have tried self care activity.
But I am going give you more self care activity.

1 Self care is also being kind and gentle towards yourself. Amd not being hard on yourself So pls be kind with yourself.

2 Self care is also appreciating yourself for your efforts. Appreciate yourself for all your help.

3 Self care is embracing imperfections . Its okay if things doesn’t go as per schedule. We have taught in school that we always learn from failure and imperfections. So don’t strive for perfection. Trust me your efforts won’t go vain and will be useful to you henceforth.

4 No body manages to complete to do list . Even i don’t . But the idea is to improve little bit better than before.

5 If you failed to be consistent in your early morning routines… Dong panic. It takes time. Try and try till you succeed. The day you couldn’ manage your morning routine and get panic. Just play your favorite game and relax. But get back and try again.

Self care not something we can learn and implement quickly. It needs lot of investment. Keep investing because its worth.

I feel the fact that you asked advice here is also self care activity. So you should be proud of your self.

Regarding studies, don’t think anything about past.
Now onwards try to stay commited to studies without any pressure and expectations… Just try to stay committed . Don’t think much.

Take care


Liv, we all have felt the same at some point, I feel for u guys and school with the covid pandemic, u r not useless, trust me, someone who has failed many times and many people, u need to remember to remain true to u, whatever that may be, and keep on keeping on, in the big aspect of life, it is to live, and be the best you u can be,


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