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Lia @leelia

It’s getting so hard to bite my tongue and contain myself from snapping at the person who keeps getting on my nerves. I have to deal with their immature attitude all the time, I have to tolerate the disrespectful comments because i don’t want to start an argument, because I want us all to get along but this is just too much, he really pisses me off and as much as i don’t want to admit it, he hurts me too, like can’t you just shut up cuz every time you open your mouth you spit nothing but bs. Sorry, I’m kind of mad rn.

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3 replies

I think he’s going through some shit try to understand him or breakup with him

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Lia @leelia

break up? lol he’s not my boyfriend lol i was talking about my dad. And no, it’s not that he’s always been like this. It’s just the kind of person he is…

itsucksss @confusedme_10

I can understand nd in this situation u can’t even do anything… Hah… Whyyyy the fuckkk ughhhh


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