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Its getting all werid right now,
I have a relationship with my bf since 2 year bt due to corona i only spend time with him like 6-7 months, now i can feel he is avoided my or not care about me bt sometimes i think that its just in my head. I tried many times to clear this things up bt he just take it all lightly. Now I’m getting attached with my classmate and i know he love me madly. He support me during my breakdown or whenever i argue with my bf, he listen to me careful and try to solve things. Sometimes i forget i have bf and i talk with him out of limit it makes me happy at that time bt later it feel like I’m doing wrong thing.
Am i doing right thing ? Started having love kinda feels for another when i already have bf ?


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Hi there!
They say a great relationship has a great communication. Try to talk to your boyfriend, and maybe you guys can solve stuff like that. But if you see he is avoiding you further, maybe you should take a break, and try to reach him when he seems ready.
It is completely ok that you feel this way towards your classmate. People are tend to be attracted to ones that seem to deeply care for them. I would recommend opening up to your friend if that is what you are comfortable with, and explain him the situation. If he really likes you, I would think he would understand.
But at the end of the day, it is your life, so try to focus on what your heart and mind both believe in.
Wishing you lots of love with your relationships💕


There is nothing right and wrong in this world its all about prospective.
and if you are falling for some one else who is not your boyfriend. then it was not love for your bf at first place . it was infatuation and that’s all fine. many people confused love with infatuations, Infatuations can be physical and mental.
and as i said if you are falling for someone else, so its better to communicate as soon as possible.


Hey… friend…

Look we all have some needs… you come in relationship because you have some needs and now you don’t like it because your needs are not fulfil

If someone don’t give you what you right to get… please value yourself and move on…

2nd thing… it happens alot… when a girl feel low in relationship or have break up … any guy friend of her giving her his time and effort regular…
She liking him…

Look if someone want something from us they behave good… you friend have also needs so he into you… also you are not feeling well because you have some expectation from your bf which he is not fulfil so you need someone who will…

Best thing i can advise you
1st move on and break up
2nd thing see it properly are you really love him or it just your support… like when child is said because his mother left in home so give him chocolate so he stop crying
Are you really really love him or just he is pain killer

Look if you break up and come relationship with me… i don’t know how it goes but you are dependent on him… may be in normal time you never go in relationship with him… but now he is supporting you so you feeling something for him…
If you go in relationship and it won’t work out you break again then another one come and he will support you and this keep going

Best relationship is when both individual are not dependent on each other… they just care about each other… understand other and respect other…

Look i saw lot’s of girl doing this… please don’t do it… take time it hurt alot but in long time it is best thing