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Lia @leelia

It’s crazy how i no longer feel alone at all. I’m not lonely even when im physically on my own bc i know im loved and i feel loved even if it’s from a distance, i know who understands my heart and would do anything to be there for me if they could. Because i have such people in my life even if they’re not around i can’t be lonely bc i carry their love that feels like company everywhere i go. Now i’m the happiest i’ve ever been and i couldn’t be more grateful.
I’ve also realized how precious and great i am so i no longer surround myself by people that bring me down and get the worst out of me bc i know my worth and what i truly deserve and i won’t seattle for less. I’ve found a place where i feel comfortable, where i can be myself the most, i found a home and built a house that can’t break down. No matter what, we’ll be there for each other. I’m so thankful to everyone i consider my family. :)

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Soooo happy for u dude 💜
I wish to be in such place someday 🥹


I can’t stop crying reading your post 😭😭😭
Never been soo happy and jealous at the same time. I too want this 😭🥺🤌
Bas itna happiness n satisfaction 🤏


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