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Aishwariya @aishwariya

Its being so hard for me to survive each day, even a small thing leads me to immense anger and i end up crying. I always had anger issue but now its getting worse, even a small thing can give me a headache, and those days i cant even sleep because of headache. Its so frustrating, i feel so jolted up… i feel like i am never good enough, a losser who haven’t achieved anything and so lazy that cant even do a single thing i decide to…now i feel like i have lost my control over mysel… i have no idea what to do …i tried online counseling too but even that didn’t help me

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Amrinderpreet @youareimportant

Did you try some meditation and sleep music on youtube?
Try breathing inhaling exhaling in the form of meditation through out the day, to bring you level of blood flow to normal. Engage yourself in some physical activities so at the end you are tired and helps you to sleep better. Feel free to talk here!


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