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Mouse @mouse

It’s been two weeks now, I haven’t stepped out of my room. I lay in the dark all day on an unmade bed. Ever time my emotions get too real for me I distract myself by watching something. I am not in my home country and even though I have made a few acquaintances in this country it just doesn’t feel the same.
I have been living here for 11 months now, by now I should have become used to the loneliness, but each day it keeps getting harder.
I somehow manage to not let my emotions affect my work but I guess sooner or later they will catch up.
And failing in life is the one thing that I don’t want.

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I can see that you are depressed, I wish there were words that can actually help, there is not. I am not sure that there is a fast solution for this, but I know it will get better because it always does one way or another.


You can try therapy. Since, you’re a working professional you can afford it too. Please seek help. Everything gets better eventually, I am a living proof of that.


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