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Nikita Agrawal @heer96

It’s been months I’m preparing for this exam that’s gonna decide future of my career… entrance exam for masters…it is just 20 days away from now …I have studied so hard to get selected in my dream college …and I’m quite confident that I can do that…all was going well…since last few weeks… I’m having some health issues…for which I consulted doc and started meds…still it’s getting worse and I might need to be get surgery done to treat this condition… already I have wasting so much time not studying due to health issues…and it seems I’ll get no time to study in my last days of exam… I’m very scared …it feels like I’m loosing everything… I’m loosing my health, my career…and to add on…I had breakup with bf yesterday only… don’t know how to handle so much stress

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Nikita Agrawal @heer96

PGPCET… entrance exam for MPT


Hey. It’s gonna be okay. Relax. Just remember health before career

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Dreamer @aheadofthecurve

Good luck for you journey ahead! As long as your trying you’ll be one step closer to your destination than you were yesterday.


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