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It’s been months but I’m still regretting hooking up with him. This was my first almost everything, which is why it’s still causing me pain. We’re no longer on talking terms. I wish him well, but I never want to see or hear from him ever again. He never made his intentions clear. It seemed like he wanted a relationship at first, but it was clear after we hooked up that it was the only thing he was interested in.
We hooked up after our second date, but thank god I let myself not go completely all the way. I wasn’t ready and I kept making it clear that I didn’t want to go all the way even though he seemed to be pressuring me into doing it. I didn’t want to take the rest of my clothes off, but when he asked a second time, I just gave in and let him. He did some more stuff to me that I wasn’t exactly comfortable with, but I still let him. It makes me want to throw up every time I think about the fact that he saw me naked. I barely knew him and I just regret it all.

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You should’ve refrain when you weren’t comfortable with him. Intimacy is important in a relationship. But, it is pretty clear the boy was not looking for a relationship when matter escalated in very second date. You weren’t ready for physical intimacy and it happened to you. You are feeling ashamed which is normal. But, don’t blame yourself it may scar you for long time. Yes, but remember this shouldn’t happen ever again unless you want it.