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It’s been five months I miss my ex very badly I contacted him today he doesn’t want to come back when there wasn’t any mistake that I made.i have no idea what to do without him I am not able to move on at all please help someone how to get over all this

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First of all delete all the msgs,pics that you have about him.Even throw his gift away . Try talking to your friends or start making news friends keep yourself occupied. Eventually in some months you will forget him. Noone can forget their past but keep it as learning phase for your future.

Secret @randomsaduser

hey, my relationship ended 5 months ago as well , and my ex contacted me subtly as well. I do not miss her that much but i have my reasons for that,and the only option i have is moving forward instead of waiting around for her , text me please if you’d like to connect.


Someone once told me “Your soulmate is the one who sticks around. Who loves you and is sure about you. Your dream person can’t be the one who doesn’t even want you in his life”
In short, you’re precious to someone else. Until you find the person who treats you like a king/queen, they’re not the one. Good luck. Stay strong. ✨ Btw if you’re Indian and have seen Jab We Met you’ll get this - Don’t chase Anshuman. Your Aditya will come along. :)


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