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It’s been almost a year since I spent a quality time with my beloved friend (He can be introduced as the person I loved but he didn’t). After that incident, there were many issues between us and we even stopped talking with each other. I only know that he is going to get married to some women in few months and he doesn’t even think about me. I’m trying my level best to move on and forget my past. But still those thoughts and memories are haunting me. I’m not able to completely come out of it. Thus I end up feeling lonely. It’s painful and difficult to handle.

Though I feel dejected and disappointed with life, I believe in some ray of hope that life might give me. I’m waiting for a day where I stop thinking about him from the moment I wake up from my bed to the moment I go back to bed. I don’t know whether it will happen or not.

I’m just pushing my days with the hope of seeing better days. Will life give me happiness? Will something better happen to make me feel happy and forget him completely?

I don’t know the answer for any of them. Just thought of sharing it as I don’t know where to pour my thoughts.

Will be glad if I could see a positive reply :)

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I myself lost 3 of my bestfriends this year who i knew since 10 years , they all turned up against me but i did make the first move keeping my ego aside and spoke to one of them first , it did help , we are on speaking terms again , so try and reach out to your friend , he will definitely want to talk to you too , try spending some quality time maybe over a cup of coffee or even a video call , try having a conversation face to face and let your emotions out whatever you felt all the time , and stay happy and stay safe :)


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