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It’s been a very hard day. I recently passed out of 12th grade and I was looking for undergraduate courses in literature. I have always had the desire to do something away from science or commerce. And I have nursed a genuine love towards writing and reading. But, my dad is against it. Although it may seem very nominal, its very hurtful that he believes I won’t be capable of arts. I still feel quite hollow when he revealed his thoughts in the most crude, vulgar and harsh way. But, I won’t ever be happy with science and commerce. Mainly because I have hugely sucked at most of my academic subjects and authors have always been someone close to me throughout. I can’t imagine myself doing anything else and being stable while doing it. I have always been a hardworker and I have devoted myself to whatever academic pursuit with all I have. It still hurts when he tells me in a derogatory way that I am, yet incapable of much of anything in that pursuit. I wish that there would be someone who would at least support me through this. Just a little. That’s all I need. I am very young and I can only be so sure about what I am doing. I have always doubted myself and have had a predominantly low sef esteem. It sucks that such a small privilege is treated like a luxury. It sucks that I have to fight for things like that. I don’t understand why I still live in a place where they smother hope with their own hands.

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It’s so wonderful that at the age of 17-18 you know what you want to do. And if that’s literature (arts) then so be it! I know it’s extremely important for our parents to support us and be there with us, but ultimately the decision lies in our own hands. Even if our parents don’t agree, we need to do things which will be good for us in the long run. Even if you’re not sure right now, at least later on you’ll have the privilege to blame yourself and not anyone else for going after what you thought was the right thing for you.
The thing is, you’ll have to work hard like crazy in whatever field you choose, might as well it be something you like RIGHT NOW. Maybe after 3 years of college you feel differently and even that’s okay. But choose what you like right now and GO AFTER IT. If it’s literature, go and pursue it. Write articles for publications, submit guest posts, start a writing page on Instagram, write blogs on various platforms maybe even on nowandme. Just do what sets your soul on fire!!!


and also please do try and explain your parents about what you want to achieve and why!


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