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It’s been 5 months… Your thoughts haunt me day and night. I thought I was over you. But turns out I’m not… I see signs… I feel your presence. You’re so in me I can see you looking at me right now. Why are you here? What do you want from me? Are you thinking about me too? We used to say the same things at the same time. We used to be so in sync. So tell me… are you missing me too? Are you doing okay? I hope you’re somewhere safe my love. But you hurt me. I shouldn’t be missing you. You betrayed me. You were dishonest. You crushed my heart and stepped all over it.
Universe… Heal me from this pain. I love him. I accept it. We weren’t meant to be together. I accept it. Now please make this pain stop. I don’t want to think about him. I don’t want to be ruminating over this unrequited love. I have been nothing but nice and loving to everyone all my life. Why are you making me suffer? Please bring in some blessings. Liberate me from this heartbreak. Fill my life with love. I can’t handle this hurt anymore. End my suffering.

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Just move on in life…

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Kiran @keerev

Why does it feel like a female version of me has written this?

Anyway, more power of healing to you :)

Take care

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