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vshn @my_self

It’s been 3 yrs after my breakup. Sometimes I feel that loneliness and wished if I had a GF, thing is am not in a position to afford that huge of a commitment. But I really do enjoy a female friend who can tag along with me and talk to me without any commitments and complications.

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Ratnakumar @ratnakumar6749

Don’t feel sad

This thought has been deleted by the thought author

vshn @my_self

Am not sad, huh! Just desperate.

Thara M @thara_mahe

Feeling the same.

Ratnakumar @ratnakumar6749

Are you boy

vshn @my_self

You can DM me, if you’d like to.

Thara M @thara_mahe

I am a girl. I am new to this application

vshn @my_self

Am also new here.

Ratnakumar @ratnakumar6749



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