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It’s been 2 months since my loved one left me heartbroken and shattered. I tried everything to stand up on my feet again. I tried to focus on myself and get better, but life without him feels meaningless. He has been quite toxic but I only remember the good parts. I am not sure if I’ll ever be able to connect with someone the way I connected with this person. I don’t stalk him anymore but my mind constantly thinks about him. What do I do?


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U and I are no different! I m shattered too. I know the pain. I only wish tht I never loved him and I know u feel the same I am never going to connect with anyone and give power to them to control my emotions. To give them power to play with my feelings. It hurts to remember the person who didn’t value u. Girl u and I will get over it


You have taken the first perfect step of not stalking him.
Just keep this promise to your self. Delete every contact pics and everything which reminds you of him.

Talk with your friends do what you like
Mostly stop thinking about him


You are in the process of healing and it willl take time…you are good so u only remember good part…but just think of the days you cried because of him and my dear friend past is always dead…i would suggest you to focus on your self and if possible try to spend time with people of different age groups…by this you will know different perspective of age groups to deal with problem…do everything you love…play, cook, bake, draw and transform yourself… develop skills which will help you in career…and once you will do all this age move forward you will realize how much time you wasted on crying for the person
…and he was your habit…you will find definitely find better person than him.…trust me give yourself love yourself.❤️


Hey buddy

What you are going through everyone goes… how toxic relationship was out mind see good and want them back

But we also know they are not good for us…
We feel we can’t love someone like we love them but it is not true… you will find someone who is far better then him… who loves you career’s you… understand you… respect you and never left your side…

Ya it is hard now but yoi soon will move on… and lot’s of good guys out there you will find someone

If you want to know how to move on let me know i tell you