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It’s been 2 months since my breakup of 2.5 years of relationship. My girlfriend was toxic. However she was the one to leave me whereas I wanted to fix things. Her mother abused me a lot during the breakup. My ex is now enjoying her life to the fullest and here I am living a life in hell and she doesn’t even care. Although she and her family was very toxic I still want to get back to her and I’m begging her on emails as she has blocked me from everywhere. Why do I still want her after knowing that she is toxic. Can someone pls help and explain ?

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Get going boy. Its always best that she has left on her own. Dont go back. Focus on your life and health. Make new connections t distract yourself or focus on career and other parts of life.


You still have that hope left in you. I did the same knowing they’re toxic but still begging to be loved because it all happened so fast I couldn’t believe it. Give yourself some time as time passes you’ll gain clarity and you’ll yourself see. I hope you get through it fine and not lose yourself


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