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Tyesha @tyesharae96

It’s almost bed time and today was decent, I haven’t been working much so staying at home with 2 kids and a 24 year old boyfriend (who is childish himself, barely helps with anything) it’s just really starting to take a toll on me. I’ve been wanting to look for a better job with more hours but I’ve been having mixed emotions about moving back to Kansas City lately (where I grew up) but moving back to Kansas City means leaving my family behind because my boyfriend wouldn’t want to come. Sometimes I question if that would be a bad thing or a good thing in the long run. I’ve wrote the pros and cons on a piece of paper & the bad just out weighs the good. People think just because they don’t cheat that’s what loyalty is all about, they fail to realize that’s what comes with being in a RELATIONSHIP. Loyalty is more then just that…


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well said , ma’am
I hope you are doing good with other aspects of life and wish you all the happiness in the world.

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Simran @st1199

Loyalty doesn’t depend only on not cheating but how loyal is he with you and how he stays with you as a person. There are many aspects we look into and should be looked into. I hope you get a clear decision as what to do which is good for YOU and your future.
My best wishes to your kids as well! :)


You can tell him about the way you feel and try to have time by yourself asking him to take care of the kids


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