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It’s a lot!!!
I can’t even process.

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I am 22, when I was 18 my father abandoned me because I was not getting my mom signed on divorce papers. Plus, i was protecting her and myself from violence and all so he used to blackmail me. My own brother didn’t spoke a word for my mom neither for me bcz of selfish reason and that was money.
Then, in the third year my mom and me came to nana’s house. After coming there I thaught now everything will be fine but problems got worse my uncle/aunt started politices getting jealous of me bcz of the support I was getting from nani. Starting commenting on my clothes and when I had panic attacks they said ki “apne daure thk kr le ni to ghr se nikal dunga”. My health was getting worse I had only two supports my boyfriend and my bestfriend. They both supported me in every was possible and even doing till now.
My mother, for whom I did all these things, left my comfort money everything for her didn’t ever supported me. She didn’t took single step from me. And dont even consider my PTSD as a problem. She says now you are working what tention you have, why are you going to doctor. Now she is considering me wrong because it didn’t told her my savings. Actually, I did tell her but she thinks i am lying, I am hiding. I gave her every detail but she still thinks I am lying.
What I feel is I have no one left my father left, own brother left, mom left me for months for selfish reasons, I dont have anyone left. For whom I did all this is now considering me wrong.
All the relations are just about money, in this world now one cares about your real feelings. I somehow daily manage to get up and fight with physical and mental issues both, somehow managing my work which is very unsupportive environment at workplace.
I fell angry at the same time petty on myself. I dont know I can even recover from this trauma after so many years and things are still happening. I think so much for my mom she didn’t even cares. I have no one left from my family just not a single person.


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