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OmegaCerberus @fiery_peach...

It’s 4 am and after a pack of cig and a quarter down, I can’t help but wonder where tf did it all go wrong
I worked my ass off to get into good engineering colleges and even after having acheived that

My hobbies are dead, I can’t pay attention to shit for more than 10 min, got trust issues, programming used to be fun but now i can’t find motivation to learn shit, I’ve got 0 confidence, 0 acheivements and 0 girlfriends and a pathetic need to be socially likeable, even though I don’t trust em and probably hate em. My Dreams are Dead and I’m stuck into a blackhole of shit sleep cycle.

Maybe I’m ranting cuz I’m too much of a wuss to work on myself or maybe I am making excuses cuz I don’t wanna improve or maybe it is what it is or maybe I need help

F**k it !! ( Idk their mod policies incase they use a whiney auto filter script to filter out cuss words )

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