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It’s 3:40am I’ve tried to go to bed but my bf got mad at me and said “TF r u doing, I wish you told me your getting in bed tonight” I said “I’m sorry I was busy with homework” …he just told me to go sleep in the laundry room because he doesn’t feel like dealing with me. It’s cold…I’m allergic to almost everything down here… I’m not good enough to sleep with him

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Hey, I’m so sorry to hear that…that’s not right…he can’t order you around like that…he shouldn’t be treating you like that. Are you sure you still want to be with him?


That’s not how you should be treated and out of all people, your BOYFRIEND? As ignorant as I am, your relationship sounds pretty one-sided and very toxic. Have you considered breaking up with him? Because that is what I recommend. If your significant other can’t treat you as an equal, much less let you go to sleep on a bed, they’re not worth your time or affections. People like him don’t deserve anything and they sure as hell don’t deserve happiness or sympathy from others.
Treat others the way you want to be treated. Judging from your post, he is a douche bag who doesn’t care about your well being or feelings at all. Therefore, you shouldn’t be blaming yourself, you have to realize that he’s just a massive jerk. I don’t know about how much you love him but you shouldn’t put yourself through this because it’s just not worth it. There’s nothing good that would come from this relationship. There are already so many red flags so just leave him. Remember that YOU’RE NOT OBLIGATED TO STAY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM. Especially someone who is as shitty as him. I’m being harsh not because I want to be mean to you. I’m being harsh because I want you to be able to find your own happiness and I want to help you realize that you don’t need people like that in your life. It’s okay to burn some bridges, especially those that do nothing but hurt you. I wish you the best of luck.

Deepanshi @deepanshigupta0

Hey… That’s so miserable. I mean no one can order you like this. How he can do all these. I mean no one has a right to tell anyone or treat even like this. This is so bad. So sorry to hear that… But just go away from such people. They can became bad for your mental health. 
More power to you.


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