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It was so frustrating that keeping your daily plan as same as it was on your first day of preparation of any exam ? Do you have any consistency tips?

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there is no specefic tips for consistency it’s totally depends on you and how much you value your goal in your life yet in worst condition if you gets distracted just keep yourself motivated from yt and qoutes and make your mindset and will strong as diamond… and don’t forget the reason you started in first place… it helps me i hope it will helps you too…

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Vivek Pandey @vic01

1. Schedule whatever you want to do consistently

2. Put yourself in an environment which can motivate you to do the particular task

3. Put something in your vision area to remind you of the task
E.g. if you want to excercise, put your excercise clothes and skipping, etc. in a place where it’s visible to you

4. Plan to do the task in parts so it will become easy to maintain consistency
E.g. you don’t have to build a habit of doing excercise or reading books for 2 hours. You have to build a habit of doing anything for just 10-15 minutes or 20 minutes, you won’t even realise those 10-15 minutes will become 1-2 hours in 3 to 6 months.

5. Write your goal on paper and hang it infront of your study table


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