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❤️ @lostsoul_12


It was not love at first sight
No, atleast not for me
Falling for him was so much sweeter
It was like reading a book for first time
And every page pulls you deeper
An anticipation to know more
A curiosity burning behind my eyes
Falling for him was a pleasant surprise
I didn’t fall in love with him suddenly
No, it was not some striking realisation
Falling for him was a gradual liberation
An invitation into a safe heaven
It was like a tight comforting hug
His arms wrapping around me with love
His kisses warming my heart to the very centre
Falling in love with him was an honest surrender
I wasn’t aware once I’d fallen
No, it was Glimpses of a dream
He looked at me like I was the girl in the movie scene
And spoke with such sincerity I was taken aback
Swept away with his intoxicating scent
He whispered to me he’d cross the seven seas
And swim all the way back to me
Falling for him was finding overwhelming peace

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Why does this always happen when you fall for someone 🥀

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