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Olivia @honestly

it took some time but I convinced my Mom to let me do online schooling and then I realized I don’t want to back to in-person schooling and then I sat their and cried in my bedroom because St. pius x , Inglewood , Spruce avenue and East glen my former high school right now I was bullied in all 4 school’s. I felt like an outsider but I never really wanted to fit in and I also didn’t feel like it was necessary to have friends I knew what my purpose was to graduate school. I can’t go through that again feeling like an outsider and always remember being bullied and called names like loser , faggot , told to shut the f*** up , ugly , disgusting , drools a lot or being told by the way did you know your ugly.

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Who are they to tell you who you are. Their opinions or their words don’t matter unless they are feeding you with their money or raising you. 100 people will say 100 words and you can’t go on giving a fuck about every word coz we have limited fucks already. Live your life and put your past in trash.


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