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it sucks the difference in understanding that exists between generations. my mum and i cannot seem to see eye to eye on anything, even though we both want what’s best.

i am tired of feeling the pain. i want to grow and i know i will. but the negativity, the past, it’s there. waiting and begging to be felt before it can be released.

i don’t to keep creating problems between us, and i especially don’t want to go back to being the helpless kid that i was.

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Maybe you don’t need to fight for it.
Just drop the perception that to understand means to agree and align with you.

One can understand you but doesn’t need to agree with you.

For eg., My dad and I are from different generations. We were born in different circumstances and our life experiences and pattern and programming is different.
We are renovating our home and everyday from the past few months we are arguing about design, cost, material etc.

We both do understand eachother as I am looking for something more modern and don’t mind paying a few extra bucks but he doesn’t wanna spend that kind of money when something simple and basic can be done instead.
But we both make peace with eachother and work at it together to find middle ground. Sometimes he agrees to me and sometimes I agree to him. But mostly we work around it. And new possibilities come up that we didn’t know could come up.

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Sophie @sophiehope

I understand this my adoptive mom completely hates me but don’t think you are the one creating the problem there is two people to every problem


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