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It seems all or most emotions have their usefulness. From the positive like happiness and joy even to the negative like sadness and anger. But there’s one that doesn’t seem to serve any purpose whatsoever…yet grips at my very existence. Jealousy is often alluded to as a very sour state …with the sufferer often touted and looked down upon…merely as a sad, miserable person who is just that way… But I feel this is not the case…it stems from something…maybe unrealised dreams or something the person feels they lack or should have, but was lost due to the actions and words of another, or merely life itself. Why is jealousy not treated as an emotional state…and rather as a trait which cannot be undone and one must simply suffer…and be secluded away from the rest of society…even though we all feel it sometimes…

Why does the mentor, who has such high hopes for themself and their young trainee turn sour and angry at their own failings and the success of the one they had such high hopes for…this is I and I’m not happy for it and turn myself away from society to deal with my own shortcomings but realise the more I am shunned away…the angrier I become…which may just be sadness and despair in disguise…

I just choose to share this rather than write in my journal as I normally would just for some sort of peace and perhaps perspective… if you’ve read this far …and I appreciate your attentiveness if so…what do you think about jealousy …and whatever value it has… If any…as an emotion?


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Piya @piyakaurbajaj

Emotions depends on situations. Jelously can be a motivator at times but can also lead to destruction.


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