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It saddens me that my life after giving birth was not as planned. I have big dreams for my son, yet I can’t afford to buy him a cake every monthsary. I envy my friends who were able to celebrate their babies’ monthsary with cakes and all sorts of food, that’s also what I have planned for my 1st born but things didn’t go well. I’m so disappointed with myself, I failed myself. I failed my child. 😩

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Hi. Thank you for sharing.
I hear you. I understand how you feel.

You’re doing amazing.
You’re amazing and doing the best you can.

It doesn’t matter how people are doing. It matters how you are doing and I’m so proud of you for that.
I’m so proud of you for fighting your battles.

Keep your head high and stay strong.

You’re resilient.
You’re powerful.

You will achieve everything when the time is right for you.
Have faith…believe in yourself.
Be kind to yourself ✨

Your future is so bright and colorful 💓
I believe in you.

Loads of love and huggs💞💕

I’m here for you.


a monthsary? tbh, that really sounds like a waste of money. You can save up for things your kids will need and be able to enjoy. Look after yourself hun! You sound like you would kill for your kid, and that care and protective side makes you an excellent mum. You are not a failure. You have not failed, and by the sounds of your love you are not able to fail your son. Why bother with a big celebration, a monthsary when you can just love your kid? Anyway, I hope this doesn’t sound too mean!


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