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It really feels bad to see my mom dad being together just cuz of us.
They had arranged marriage, they are amazing parents, n evryone in family consider them as jolly people… they fight often or have grudges but its surely visible that after 26years of marriage, there’s no love between them.
They don’t sleep together, they don’t soend time together,they are just being parents n I really feel bad. I feel like somewhere m responsible for this gap between them, since an year m at home…so mom & dad spend whole time me but not with each other.
n recently I saw some women trying to flirt with my father, n he is not pushing her away.

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U should confront your parents about your feelings…:)


Have a causal talk with them , atleast with your mom ,she would let u know the rest of things :)
Start from here and then u csn bridge up things 😄


My mom and dad is also like this, but you know what I know that my dad don’t love my mom but my mom loves him and My mom do everything for him but he don’t care about it my be their is no hope that they can be together again but in your case I suggest you that you should talk more with them try to spend more time together