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It pains me to admit and really realize that no matter how much I tell myself to be contented with who I am, I am constantly looking for acceptance in others. I feel like I always measure my self worth through my number of friends and followers. I know how toxic this is and I really really want to learn how to just love and accept myself but damn is this easier said than done.

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I’m glad that you recognise what needs to be done. That is a big step in itself. And in order to achieve what you need to, you must realise that it is going to be a gradual process and not just a click snap boom situation where you’ll suddenly find yourself not caring about another person’s opinion. I can only hope you find the strength within you to follow throught this to do this for your peace of mind. And trust me, I’ve been in that exact same position where my friends’ words were the gospel truth. But it has taken inner strength to get to a point where I’m content with who I am, and I know that real friends are those that will accept me through whichever phase of my life I’m in. I’ve learnt how I need to accept myself and be able to face myself for my actions, to develop a conscience and personality that lets me look in the mirror and say β€œI’m proud of you”


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