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It kills when he talks with other girl to closely infront of me .i want to kill that girl ,but that’s the mistake i made so I have to be in patience . I gave him that freedom to talk .

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😅 jealousy is a disease

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I honestly will say that you are a pretty observant, mature girl. I unintentionally hurted him because of my jealous.


oh god gurll
you are just like me…
but now i have adapted this…
my boys ‘flirts’ with another one and when i make a scene out of it he says it was meaningless flirt…
and now i have understood that just because you are dating doesn’t mean you have a control over his/her life too!
it’s okay try not reacting to such a small issue and don’t forbid him from talking to other girls
ik it pinches inside but just gulp all that jealousy:)


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