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Akash Dalal @skybroker

it is so hard to understand myself. everytime i try i just get lost in conversation of myself imagine things that aren’t reality. it hurts me. nothing inspires me. i m burden to myself. 💔

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that is insanely deep and painfully true. One day, I believe we’ll be who we are and help not hurt our souls

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It’s hard to understand ourselves,coz our mind our notions our thoughts our likes n dislikes are never constant,so instead of getting urself involved in understanding the complexity about urself just try to understand what u want ,what are ur aim,what makes u happy,what makes u sad,always remember for knowing something big u should start from small small efforts so for knowing ur deep thoughts first learn small things about urself,talk to others who are close to u ,and reality is u not the thoughts u have ,don’t feel urself a burden coz something’s specially knowing ourself is long lasting ,from birth till death every small small happenings in ur life make u know who u are,so just be happy


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