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It is really difficult to keep the painful thoughts at bay. I have been trying to make myself realize that when people are cheating on someone, they don’t care about anything else but themselves. And nothing in the world can bring them back. I am trying so hard to find out my own self, to love myself from the deep inside of myself. Sometimes I wish such a love should not have happened in my life where I gave all the love and received so little. I feel like I am eventually going to give up on trying anymore. Why can’t people be honest with each other? Why can’t they say the truth? Why they make one suffer so badly while they enjoy what they do?

Post anonymously?

You are absolutely right but we cant really help such people as its their own choice of having that personality. But we can be careful with our surrounding and can look on for the ones that are going to be there with you in all the times and wont betray you. Be very careful before opening up to people to avoid the pain later.