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It is heavily raining today…Deeper thoughts come when we analyse our self ,the surrounding and nature . Lately I realize that people show affection and compassion when it is probably too late.Phrases like “wish i was there”,“hope I could do something”…these are mere words.To acknowledge something or someone after a demise or separation is just expressing our guilt because the person intended to know is not hearing your voice.
Remember we have a short life to create wondrous memories .We take nothing when we leave this world,the joy ,smile, regrets, passion, dreams are our luggage.To fill that bag is our journey in life.
Learn to appreciate ,support and unconditionally love yourself and others . Never control your emotions to do the right thing. To do it can be better than regret.Because all we have is NOW .

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Love this. Very true

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Thank you.Its a relief when someone can relate to our thoughts and spend time to actually go through our lines


You think outside the box and a lot of people aren’t mentally prepared for those type of topics but I completely Understand you .

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Anyone could have these thoughts pouring but some find it it difficult to pen it down.Some can’t analyse the ground of their feelings. This pandemic has changed many perspectives about myself and the world.
Great to find a friend in you.


I agree that some people may have a hard time vocalizing it, but I also think that some people just don’t want to talk about “deep” topics.

Thank you and likewise.


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