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β€ΊPhysical Healthβ€ΊThought

Avni @avni

It is becoming increasing evident in modern day researches, the co-relation between physical health and mental disorders. While it is imperative to note that one musn’t force oneself to do activities that their mind, body and soul is aligned too, it is necessary to know that physical activity, to whatever degree one can muster, is necessary for the mind-matter balance. Specifically, i am speaking of hydration and gut health. Before you give up all hope, try and hydrate your body. The effects have been subtle and yet shifting for me. As my focus on keeping my physical body grew, my mental health bettered too. By no means, is this a cure. It is simply a reminder to go back to the basic, our physical vessel, before we self diagnose ourselves with illness that are more symptoms of a much basic issue rather than causes.

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true, and setting basic reminders for staying hydrated. at home i keep a mason jar filled with water with me at all times because for me it takes away the struggle of opening a bottle cap each time and hence induces me to drink more water


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