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It has been almost 10 months since I started studying for a test. I want to be a lawyer in the US. I’ve working very hard for my dreams. I gave my first attempt in October in which I didn’t get my desired scored. I took a break and started studying again but I feel exhausted and frustrated. I left my hometown and got back to the city where my university is so that I don’t get bored have friends around but still the same feeling of frustration. I can’t sit and study but I wanna achieve my goals. I’ve fighting for it for so long so that I can go to the elite law schools in US and make a difference in my life using my passion and change other’s life as well.

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This sounds amazing! Don’t give up on what you’re in love with so passionately! You might feel frustrated at the moment but it’s fleeting. You’re much more stronger than just an emotion, yeah? So you can make a difference in someone’s life by starting with yourself! You got this! Don’t let this big you down at all!!


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