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It feels like nothing is going my way. Whatever I do, it doesn’t work out, be it work, studies, finding someone and other stuff. I have this huge anxiety problem where I keep thinking so much about the task in front of me that I keep putting it off thinking that it will go away and I won’t have to face it or deal with it. I know this isn’t healthy behavior. I know that I need to deal with things and I have tried confronting this feeling and I have also beaten this feeling but I’m back to square 1 for the next task. Somehow I think negatively that this isn’t gonna happen or its
difficult even though there’s a good chance
That its gonna be a calkealk. I just feel like im not making iny progress in any area of my life, I have been stagnant since the past 2-3 years and im seriously doubting if im gonna succeed in life. I’m this close to I’m just clueless as to what more I can do to make things happen for me. Thanks for reading this long text, just wanted to share what I was feeling.up but I won’t as I know my family is dependent upon me.

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