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Isn’t it weird to think that so many versions of you exist in others’ minds? Some people may see you as a shy person who doesn’t talk, while some might see you as an annoying person who doesn’t shut up. Some may think of you as kind and caring, some may see you as cold and mean, some see you as timid, while others see you as crazy. It’s like we’re all these characters sketched out in the perception those around us. At the end of the day, we’re not just confined in the box that others try to fit us into. Maybe it’s about finding comfort in the fluidity of who we are. It’s up to us to find who we are under all these different shades and interpretations. In the midst of all the noise, do not forget to listen to your own voice. It’s the one that knows the true melody of your existence beyond the perceptions and the interpretations. Because after all, the version of you is the one you create for yourself."

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Isn’t it weird to not know which version is the real one. Isn’t it weird to think which story does you actually play in. Isn’t it weird that you don’t know which role is yours. Isn’t it weird…that you know all these questions, yet you are not looking for an answer. For where the answer will lead you other than the one you already know.


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