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Irish @tryzhaa

isn’t it so funny how we have seven billion people alive and still everyone around us claims to be lonely, even you and i. cant we put in a lil bit of effort to make a person’s day better?
putting in some effort to make a person’s day would mean the world to someone who’s struggling. we all know that we all are struggling with something or the other, then why not be kind to each other? try to make each other smile. let’s make this world a beautiful place to be. let’s refresh our brains into thinking that it’s a beautiful place to be in, and kind people to be with. let’s be kinder to everyone. let’s be kind to our fellow beings, let’s be kind to animals, let’s be human beings who care for this world and let’s start off with being kind to ourselves. we forget about our own well being in this busy world. so let’s make this world a better place to be by loving ourselves first. I hope you’re trying your best
p.s-ily and don’t forget to drink wotah!

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