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Is there a point to being alive?

I pretty much have everything going for me but I just don’t want any of it. I feel like a useless existence and an unnecessary burden to the world. I just want to sleep and never have to wake up.

I’ve been in therapy for almost a year now, made a ton of lifestyle changes and nothing helped. I’m on meds now and even that isn’t really doing much for me.

I don’t think this post is going to help but at this point I have no real inhibitions and open to try anything that’ll help. Sorry if I sound jaded, I probably am although it’s not my intension.

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Thank you. This… surprisingly helped. You’re right, even if we leave the world a little better it’s better than making no difference. I think I’d forgotten that. My therapist asked me to start writing things I’m grateful for and I didn’t think I was going to find anything. So, double thank you, I’m grateful for you taking out the time to say something that actually resonated with me. I’m not doing a good job at showing my appreciation; fair amounts of brain fog. Instead, here’s a hug and thank you.


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