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Is it wrong to were the same clothes you have already taken a pic of yourself in and posted it on insta again to take pictures and post. I’ve never seen influencers wear the same clothes twice in a picture

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We do use same thing everyday because we like it. So it’s same with the clothes.


Social media influencers are fake. Their clothes and producta are usually sponsored, your clothes are bought from your parents hard earned money. The day you start earning and get sponsorships and brand money you can change as many clothes in a day as you like. The sooner you understand this the better you’ll feel about yourself.


Doesn’t matter. If you are comfortable you can wear is n number of time. Don’t care about what other says or thing. Ultimately what matters is what you think and feel about yourself. Hope this make sense to you:)


You can wear whatever you want and feel comfortable in as many times as u want! You are beautiful the way u are!


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