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Is it possible for a guy to love a girl with hirsutism? Anyone in here who has been in a relationship with girl with hirsutism? Can guys love a girl with facial hair? Or excess body hair

Post anonymously?

Hi, I have hirsutism and I’ve dated people. If someone chooses not to date me because of my condition, they didn’t deserve me in the first place.
Everyone is beautiful and everyone is loveable. It’s just hair which don’t conform to the traditional beauty standards nothing more.


When I get into a relationship with people, i feel like I’m hiding a big secret and they will leave me if they find out. So I push them away on purpose…i don’t know what to do… I’m scared of getting married because of this


Hey, you don’t need to hide anything, I have PCOD and I feel as if I’m hiding something too so I just tell the guy/girl up front that I have PCOD and if this is a dealbreaker for you, you should know it.
Society has made these conditions a problem, they aren’t ought to be a problem, because it’s absolutely natural.
My mom has hirsutism and she waxes very often, I’ve heard my dad say to her so many times that she should take a break and just let things be natural, he won’t stop loving her and mind you, they have an arranged marriage not love marriage.
The right person, will love you for who you are, keep hope cutie, you’ll win this fight 💗💗💗💗


Most of the times, it doesn’t happen. But then, there’s always an exception to the general societal norms


For what I read it can be cured. I don’t know the cost of the treatments

it is totally possible to love a girl with hirsutism. had a friend like this and she was the loveliest person i ever met. she was in a relationship and is still with the same boy. it is a matter of time that the boy gets comfortable with that and it is normal. just believe in yourself. focus on what you have rather than your deficiencies.