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Is it okay to lose virginity to bf any then do arrange marriage? Will this affect my life after marriage? It is normal…

Post anonymously?

It completely depends on the other person. And honestly, you have to feel good about yourself before opening up otherwise you yourself will make this a big thing.
You did, you did !
So what ? You wanted to ,right ?
It’s your body ! You loved the guy and you wanted to share with him. Don’t feel bad about it. And i guess, if the other person dont get it, then you shouldn’t be with him. It should not be such a big deal. If some guy, suppose prefers a girl to be a virgin, then its ok, its completely ok because every person has their own demands and preferences. Some believe to have sex AFTER MARRIAGE ONLY, and it’s the same for both girls and boys.And believe me,some girls also prefer their husbands to be a virgin.
Dont feel bad about it. Respect yourself and your decision. And you will get a husband who will respect everything too. But first, you have to accept yourself and love yourself for whatever decisions you made in your life. Its nobody’s business. Its just the preferences and it completely differs from person to person.
Don’t you ever beat yourself over virginity thing.
Much love to you ❤️
Its not a big deal, get over it. This thing varies from person to person.
God bless you love 💗

Depends how open the other person is


Do i need to tell this to my future husband?
Maybe he must have also been involved with someone?

It depends upon the situation for me I would open up the things before we get married so that we start the upcoming journey by leaving the past behind and start the new journey with a fresh start


That’s a good way to start. But i fear if i discussed these thing over an arranged marriage meeting setup by families it can be a mess… N insult for me n my family

Hahaha m not saying to speak out on the first meet
First see if u really like that guy and want to marry him if u two get along thank speak out your mind and whatever u think can hurt in future talk to him . If he is understanding he will understand.


Honestly, i am also in this dilemma, i too have been involved with my bf, and have to go through arrange marriage, i dont regret losing my virginity, but i sure am afraid of the future.
I dont know why this this such a big deal, i guess 90% boys want their wife to be virgin,i am so upset over this. I am looking for help too, i want to overcome this thing but i guess, I won’t be- until i get to know how the other person will be.


I am so thankful to for share your story. Now i feel i am not alone.
People say that boys get to know if girl is virgin or not? Is this true…


Ofcourse you are not alone, there are so many girls out there who fear from such things. See, a guy will get to know, because when hymen ruptures, 90% of the time you will bleed. But there are so many exceptions. Sometimes, its congenital , sometimes sports thing and etc. I know you are searching for reasons other than sex. I did this too, infact i do it very often and it cost my peace of mind tbh. I advice you, stop looking for reasons and accept the fact that you are not a virgin.I am struggling too but i try to remind myself that I shouldn’t regret anything, i wanted to be physical with one person and i did. There are so many girls out there who literally have multiple sex partners and they dont feel a thing. Sometimes, i wonder how they do that. I guess, in the end, its ALL ON YOU AND HOW YOU TAKE THIS THING TO BE. I try to let go off this thing because worrying won’t bring back my broken hymen. And you should not worry about this too. We need to love ourselves enough to get over this thing and we shouldn’t make this such a big deal. I am trying too and you should too. Respect your decision. You wanted to so you did. And there’s nothing you can do to bring it back and why should you ? You wanted to lose it to a person so you did. So what ? We should own our decisions and i believe, if we own our decision, we won’t care about anything else.
Hope for the best and stay positive 🤞🏻🤞🏻


Sweetie,do whatever makes you feel happy. You don’t need to tell anyone else about your journey. It’s for you and you only.

Honestly I don’t think it will effect your future or anything look sex is not a taboo or like that and I don’t see why it is so much big issue for you look it is your choice to lose your virginity because it is nothing it never effect you about these virginity things I think we all know that sex is something that we can enjoy and look there is less peoples who know about it better so if someone know about our biology then these things never bother him and I’m really confused is it really big issue ?? Sex before marriage or after c’mon just find a good person who at least know these topics too