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Kritika @kriti900

Is it okay to just think about yourself,or we always have to consider our parents dream first.
Is it fair to do what you want.
I got stuck in these things, wanna move out from family, want to make some money, want to discover myself, want to travel.
But i don’t know how and when it all gonna happen, still i believe it will come true"EK DIN".
Within a year my college will be completed and i still have no idea what to do next, and im so afraid about my job and career,oh god please save me!

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Nyx @lost_not_found

Dont you feel that the line of education you are in is the the one you always wanted?

Kritika @kriti900

Yaa its true

Cultural life @uniquejacke...

I was also trying to achieve my parent’s dream. But midway realised it wouldn’t be possible for me. Parents may put a lot of unnecessary expectations upon you. You have to be selfish right now if you don’t want to follow that path. They will be sad obviously but over time things will get back to usual.

Kritika @kriti900

I really think so one has got my point, thank you

Cultural life @uniquejacke...

Also think about yourself more. Taking career advices from parents, relatives isn’t the most suitable thing to do.

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