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tanisha @tanishhaa13

Is it okay to feel insecure, unloved, ignored, most importantly misunderstood in a relationship sometimes?
I’m in a relationship from past 7 months with a boy. we’ve lost the sparke we had earlier. We have more fights than usual talks. Being in a long distance made our relation really tough. I can’t call him because of my strict parents. We misunderstood each other really quick.

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Yes. It’s okay, it’s fine to feel that way. It’s not wrong. I’m in a 6 years relationship and I still feel that way from time to time when life gets hard. It’s a test, a hurdle, an obstacle, u can call it anything, but as long as u both communicate well with each other, listen to each other and be honest to each other, u both are gonna get through this and last forever

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tanisha @tanishhaa13



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