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Is it okay if no one understands me? Will people change if I keep on carrying on with my life? What can I do to feel loved and cared for?

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I do care. I would like to understand you, or at least accept, without any expectation. Just the way you are. I think that’s what we should do as human beings. And if you need to talk, feel free to contact me.


having no one to understand you will definitely bring negativity to your life but sometimes life is just like that not everyone can understand you. the same thing with change. change is normal in life. you can’t stop it. and i really don’t know how to answer the last question since i’m struggling with one but i’ve been trying to love myself to make up for what others can’t give to me. other people can’t certainly give you the love you want but you always have that choice anywhere you go. try to work on it.


No one can understand you if you don’t allow them to - even if its just one person. People change only if they want to. You are the only person who can help you feel loved and cared for.

The most difficult thing to come to terms with is acceptance. This is what you need to do for yourself. Accept yourself and if you don’t like something about yourself then try something new - do something that is out of your comfort zone; challenge yourself. Do sky diving or take that cooking class that you’ve been eyeing.

When I was younger, I took a Cuban salsa class - I loved it. It was out of my comfort zone but it taught me something very deep - beyond dancing.

It taught me:

1. You cannot control anything other than yourself
2. Trust in life
3. Try something new


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