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Is it ok to not to be ok? I am feeling numb and it’s strange because I’m not scared or nervous or even lonely but i am feeling this weight on my chest which I cannot explain. Since few days i have been overthinking and exaggerating things. I have friends but still i feel alone. Is it normal. Sometimes I feel like jumping like bunjee jumping other times I feel like slapping some stranger so I can feel like there is some sort of fun in my life. It’s hard to feel happiness now. I thought of consulting a psychologist and my parents agreed because back then I had some anger issues and my parents were too suffering but now I just feel numb and my parents don’t want me to consult the doctor bcz they think that im fine now. Am I?

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I think just go with friends and have some fun . Maybe plan one trip


Hey stranger! Be gentle with yourself! First of all calmly think about if there are any reasons behind how you feel…parents issue, career issue, self love issue, or relationship issue…if you find them try to fix them but at the same time protect your positivity and sanity…don’t push yourself too much…try to love yourself , there is nothing wrong in feeling low…if even after trying for a certain period if it doesn’t work, you should seek a medical help…communicate with your parents…take care! ❤


I believe happiness is a very overrated feeling and a scarce one too. You cannot be happy or I would say at peace all the time, its just a phase and it will pass. It would be good if you could talk to someone like a conversation in which you just pour your heart out.


It ok to feel like this… at times even I have felt this way!
Try to convince your parents CALMLY that you wanna consult… but if they are not allowing you…
Meditate… it gives your power to keep yourself calm… just youtube on how to meditate… and dont sit ideally… watch some series or engage yourself into some activities.
Do what you love to do what interests you… trust me you’ll get better with time!
And anything if you wanna share… I am here listening. 🙂


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