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Is it ok to be intimate with your partner?

I’m confused.

Last night, we had intimacy(no sex). This guy is in a long distance relationship with me for a year. And then we decided to spend some time alone in a room as it was my birthday. But things went ahead but we didn’t had sex just intimacy.

Now I feel bad because I never let any guy touch me or kiss but yesterday night we did those things. This was my first time. I don’t know I did something wrong :(

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Just question yourself and u will get answers

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Overthinker @anoverthinker

I know your emotions are on the high tides right now but intimacy is something that makes us feel comfortable. I would suggest you go ahead and try having sex because sex is such a bloody overrated thing. It is one of the most fun and pleasurable thing but it is overrated.
At the end, the connection and intimacy you feel with someone, the comfort you get after hugging with them or sleeping while cuddling them, thats what makes it worth everything.
But you don’t have to listen to me if you are too young. Take your time princes.


I’m 29 :D


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