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Is it ok not to having a feeling or love towards yours parents. Sometimes I’m so confused do you even love your parent’s couldn’t think about that. I know my father and mother care for me alot like if i am not well my mother just with me and do nothing else jo watch me hoping his son get well soon or if didn’t eaten my meal she will cook it no matter what the time is or how she is. When i come to father he is like earning for me. Whenever i need money he without hesitation give me without asking. I’m so blessed to have that but when it came to them I am unable to show my care towards them and sometimes screaming on them which i hate afterwards. Why i am not able to show my love is I’m not a human being or just a robot who is without heart. I want to show them 🥺. I never wish them on any occasion like birthdays, anniversary idk why man. Why i am like that a person without heart just a mean person need them when i want other them I don’t want to talk. Sometimes i think of future like i will not talk to parents or help them in there old-age. I want to change myself. First how to express my care or love which is very very very very deep inside my heart and get that out of the from heart to them. I’m bad son or human being to have such thought just because i just want to live in alone myself no person in my life like an isolated person why are like that wish i kill myself so they able to live better because if I ignored my parents in there old-age when they need help it will scatter there hope or couldn’t find a exact word but idk how to say.
U should love ur parents and everyone does just only me who don’t do or can’t able to express that. I’m the only human in this world who is like this. Shame to human kind😔Im. I hope no one get a son like me ever.
I couldn’t read again this i hard for me.

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You are not bad son ,sometime it is hard to express. You really actually think about this situation shows that you care for them . we really never have actual conversation with our parent . we can easily share what we feel with our friend but it is really hard to do same with parents.


Hey there,

You having such thoughts on improving yourself says that you want to be better. Yes you can be kind, gentle and loving towards your parents. It’s mostly our ego or insecurities that comes in between when we try to express ourselves.
The fear of their reaction that if you show love, they would think of you as a weak person. You will be exposing your feelings and may be worried that they might hurt you by not acknowledging or rejecting your feelings. But you need to understand that out of all the people on this world, your parents are the safest spot. They won’t hurt you man. You can trust them.
There are number of ways for you to show that you love them and care for them. Start small. You can actually start wishing them on birthdays and anniversary. May be try to manage your anger better and not yell at them. Have more genuine conversation. May be tell them how your day went and ask them about their day. This will actually help in all your relationships - friends, love life, parents, children. Sending them the songs you know they will love. You can keep your phone aside once in a while and completely spend time with them. Help your mom/dad with something.
Think of your parents as your friends. Won’t you do something special for your friends to keep the bond alive? Don’t you talk and joke around with your friends?
I talk to my parents at least once everyday (I don’t live with them currently so) but it wasn’t like this always. I make them laugh by saying something funny that happened at work. Or just share with them if something new is happening in my life. Not everything though (things where I might end up getting a lecture for or something that could upset them). 😀 Sometimes we talk about the events that happened in my childhood or their childhood.
Ask them about their stories. They are people just like you and me. My dad once told me about the time he was 20 and came home drunk and how my grandma caught him. It was funny we both had a good laugh. I can relate more to him now. You can relate more to them and then you won’t have to put extra effort to maintain it. Once you feel closer to them, it will happen naturally.

Bro most people regret the things they didn’t do for their parents once they are gone. You realize it now and they are around. Google “Things you can do to express your love to your parents”. Start now!
Hope you will work things out. I am sure you are a good son and can make them happier. Take care!
BTW Share with us if things work out. Would love to hear.


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