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Is it normal to crave a relationship, physical affection, and just love in general from a significant other? I have never been in a relationship in person, I had a serious one but it’s long-distance and we were together for 2 years and a half.
I come from a family where relationships are suppressed, and I have been avoiding it well. But now I feel so empty and wonders and craves for that very affection…

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tanisha @tanishhaa13

Everyone crave for physical affection even I crave for it but I’m in a relationship where we haven’t kissed yet as we are studying in a strict boarding school. Nothing to be feel empty just do what make you feel good. Xoxo.


Everyone does and 2 years in a virtual only relationship sounds impossible. You need someone to be close to, someone to love and to feel loved back.


Divorced for 7 years , found my partner online. 7 months long distance. Didn’t touch or kiss for months. Getting married will be in a long distance Marriage too until we can be together. It hurts and totally normal to want someone close.


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